Laser Photo-Rejuvenation Treatment 

What is a Laser Photo-Rejuvenation Treatment? 
Photo-rejuvenation uses Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technology to help reduce the appearance of some of the most common skin concerns, including:  
Brown Spots  
Broken Capillaries 
Sun Damage 
Age Spots 
What are the benefits of a Laser Photo-Rejuvenation Treatment? 
As a completely non-surgical procedure, Laser Photo-Rejuvenation treatment offers clients many benefits – 
High success rate 
Clinically Proven 
Safe and Effective 
Results can be seen after just one treatment 
Minimal Discomfort 
Minimal Downtime 0-24 Hours 
Do I have to do anything before my treatment? 
A consultation is always needed as this will give us a chance to assess your requirements and will help us to understand what results you are looking for so we can find the perfect solution for you. Please avoid any creams, lotions and perfumes. Sunbathing and Sunbeds should be avoided at least 4 weeks before treatment and throughout treatment. 
How long is the treatment? 
Each session is dependent on the size of the treatment area, see table below for treatment times. Your treatment will be tailored to your individual requirements which will be discussed in your pre-treatment consultation. Additional time will be required if you require more than one area or additional treatments. 
Results we can achieve with Laser Photo-Rejuvenation Treatment? 
Treats sun damaged skin 
Helps eliminate visible veins & capillaries 
Corrects signs of premature aging 
Breaks down the dark pigment inside age spots and freckles 
Creates a more even skin tone 
Stimulates skin cells 
Tightens dilated pores 
Removes dead skin cells from the superficial epidermal layer 
Breaks down post acne discoloration 
When Are Results Visible? 
Results will be seen in the days and weeks post treatment, with optimum results expected from three to six weeks. 
How Long Do Results Last? 
Individual results will differ, but on average 6 – 24 Months. It is important to keep the treated area covered from the sun to prevent hyper-pigmentation (darkening). You will receive detailed instructions during your appointment and an aftercare sheet to take home with you. 
How Many Treatments Are Required? 
The number of sessions depends on the condition/severity of the client’s skin, but we advise in between 3-6 with follow up treatments every 2-3 months to maintain results if required. 
Laser Photo-Rejuvenation Treatment 
Summer Offers End 31/08/24 
Laser Photo-Rejuvenation Treatment 
Treatment Time 
Regular Prices 
Special Offer  
Per Session 
Per Session 
Course of 3 
Course of 6 
10 Minutes 
£ 50.00 
£ 40.00 
Mid Face & Neck 
20 Minutes 
£ 60.00 
£ 50.00 
Full Face  
30 Minutes 
£ 90.00 
Full Face & Neck 
40 Minutes 
We guarantee you will be pleased with the long lasting results that we will help you achieve. 
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